68 Years For The Tribe, 52 For Cleveland - Two Days That Could Erase It All

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The big story in baseball both of the last two seasons has been about the Chicago Cubs trying to buck what has become a 108 year curse. The Cubs have not won the Fall Classic since 1908, and just by reaching the 2016 World Series they broke a 71 year drought. The city of Cleveland, on the other hand, had not won any major sports championship in 52 years; that is until the Cleveland Cavaliers broke that curse up by coming back after trailing three games to one in the 2016 NBA finals. However, the Cubs hopes to end a 108 year long drought has been put on hold by the Cleveland Indians, who currently hold a 3-2 series lead. The last time the Indians reached the World Series was in 1997 when they lost in seven games to the Miami Marlins, who were then the Florida Marlins. The Indians have not won the World Series since 1948 when they beat the Boston Braves in 6 games, meaning it's been 68 years since the championship flag has flown at the Indians stadium. However, while it may be 16 years shorter than the Indians drought, the bigger drought for Cleveland is the number 52. 

No major Cleveland sports team has won a deciding championship game in Cleveland since the 1964 Cleveland Browns

Winning a championship is an incredibly huge deal, winning one at home is even better. It has been 52 years since any major Cleveland Sports team won a championship on their home turf, dating back to when the Cleveland Browns defeated the Baltimore Colts 27-0 in what was then called the "NFL Championship" game. The Cleveland Indians lost World Series game five after taking a 3-1 lead, which means they come back to Cleveland for two chances to erase both curses at the same time. 

32 year old Josh Tomlin gets the ball in game six, as the Tribe looks to prevent a game seven
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The Indians won the 1948 series in six games on the road, and now have a chance to do so at home. Righty Josh Tomlin and the well rested Cleveland pen will go against 2015 NL Cy Young winning righty Jake Arrieta in game six, as they look to finish the series off a day early. Tomlin got off to a great start in 2016, followed by a horrendous August, but he has capped it all off with an incredible finish. Josh posted a 1.40 ERA in September, had one very solid start in October, and has gone 2-0 with a 1.76 ERA this postseason. All Cleveland will need is an early run off Arrieta, and a solid 4-5 innings from Tomlin - then it's all up to the bullpen and their 1.56 postseason ERA to seal the deal. 

Should their be a game 7, Terry Francona and the Indians will rely on Corey Kluber, who's postseason record is now 4-1 with an ERA of .89
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Should the World Series go to seven games, the Cleveland Indians will break yet another drought. It has been 15 years since Curt Schilling started three World Series games, and Corey Kluber is set up to be the first one to follow his incredible feat. We all know how good Kluber is, but he has now shown he is one of the best performers in October with his 30.1 innings of pure dominance in the 2016 postseason. While he is likely to be matched up against a tough foe in Kyle Hendricks, Kluber seems to have an upper-hand in this matchup. Let's also not forget that the Tribe has only one home loss this postseason, and were 53-28 at home during the regular season. On the flip-side, the Cubs were 46-34 on the road this season.