Wilson Ramos Is Having An Overlooked, All-star Worthy Season

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Wilson Ramos is currently in third place in the NL catcher All-star race, but there is nobody more deserving than he is
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Wilson Ramos has been overshadowed by big name veterans like Yadier Molina and Buster Posey, but he is quietly having a better season than either of them. Ramos has been in the league since 2010, and while he hasn't always been a star he has always been a very solid catcher, and has taken it to another level in 2016. The 28 year old is hitting a remarkable .341 with twelve homeruns, 40 RBI, and thirteen doubles. Where does he rank among other catchers?

Average - .341, first among catchers, third among all hitters in the MLB

Homeruns - 12, tied for first with Salvador Perez among catchers

RBI -  40, First among catchers

Runs Scored - 30, Fourth among catchers

Hits - 74, Tied for first with Jonathan Lucroy among catchers

OBP - .385, first among catchers, 18th among all MLB hitters

SLG - .567, First among catchers, 13th in MLB

OPS - .951, First among catchers, 12th in MLB

On top of the very clear numbers I just listed, Ramos has been a huge piece for the Nationals and is a huge reason why they are currently 43-31 and in first place. While yes, Molina and Posey are both having great seasons, Ramos is having a better season than any MLB catcher. Ramos (899,000) currently sits in third place well behind first place Molina (1.25 million votes) and second place Posey (1.13 million votes), so his chances of being the starter are incredibly slim. These numbers just prove one thing, the All-star voting system is faulty. Of course you will always have the argument that the All-star game is a big fan focused event to begin with and that fan voting is a big part of keeping people interested in the sport, there should be something more to decide the starters. Ramos still has very high chances of being on the All-star squad, but him not being the starter is a big example of why there should be a change made.