Naquin Impressing in Spring Training

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

While the Cleveland outfield situation is not looking too bright as of right now, they may have a surprise candidate emerging as a guy who can not only make the roster but make a nice impact. Tyler Naquin is a 24 year old outfielder who has battled injuries while working his way through the minor leagues, but is now healthy and raking in Spring Training. While yes, it's only been seven games, and yes, Spring Training doesn't count for much, Naquin has emerged as possibly the top candidate for one of the Indians outfield spots. In 15 at bats, Naquin is hitting .467, and is tied for third for the most hits by any player thus far. Obviously, this small of a sample means absolutely nothing, but he has clearly been at a higher level than others contending for a spot. For example, Cleveland seemed fond of the idea of Collin Cowgill make the club, but he has managed to hit a meager .067 with one homerun. Time will tell if Naquin makes the team, but I believe he has put himself into a perfect position to do so thus far.